À margem da imagem
(On the fringes of São Paulo: homeless)
  Producer - Ugo Giorgetti
Director - Evaldo Mocarzel
Writer - Maria Cecilia Loschiavo dos Santos and Evaldo Mocarzel
Date - 2001
The film concentrates on themes such as social exclusion, unemployment, alcoholism, insanity, religiousness, contemporary public spaces, urban degradation, identity and citizenship, reuse of discarded products and materials, and also the stealing of the image of those communities, thus promoting an ethical discussion about processes for beautifying the extreme poverty. The film is based on the surveys of philosopher Maria Cecília Loschiavo dos Santos.
June, 2008 - São Paulo.
6º Festival Lixo e Cidadania.
Setembro, 2007 - Minas Gerais.
6º Congresso Brasileiro de Gestão e Desenvolvimento de Produto - VI CBGDP.
Agosto, 2007 - Minas Gerais.
TZU - Tokyo Zokei University and USP - seminar, workshop and exhibition.
March, 2007 - São Paulo.
Destination 2026 - The International Conference of Design for Sustainability.
December, 2006 - Tokyo.
COOPAMARE - Recyclabe Materials Collectors Cooperative.
August - December, 2003.